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Database Marketing 

The next generation of direct marketing

What Is Database Marketing?

At the crosshairs of data and digital advertising, database marketing is the new form of direct marketing that uses a database to generate targetable lists for advertising.

Why Invest in List-Based Advertising?


Maximum Precision

There is no better way to reach a specified audience than to upload a list of audience members and serve ads to them across a number of digital channels.

Increased Performance

If your marketing success depends on reaching the right people, this people-based method will help you drive more results from the people who matter most to your business.

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Cost Efficiency

Because of the direct nature of database marketing, you can achieve massive reach while dramatically reducing wasted advertising spend.

Channel-Independent and Built for the Future

As ad platforms adapt their targeting capabilities to comply with new regulatory standards, your list-based advertising approach will stand the test of time and reduces your dependency on a single platform.

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Who Else Uses Database Marketing

BMG _ BBR Logo.jpeg
Fiserv Forum Logo.jpg

Country Boom Music Festival
La Crosse, WI

BMG / BBR Music Group
Nashville, TN

Fiserv Forum
Milwaukee, WI

Curb Records
Nashville, TN

Available On These Leading Advertising Platforms

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