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Parmalee’s ‘Take My Name’ Goes #1 with Help From Database Marketing Campaign

Parmalee’s 2022 single “Take My Name” reached the number one spot on the country radio charts in June after receiving support from a database marketing campaign.

BBR Music Group partnered with HyperValue early in the year to launch the promotion for the then-new single written by songwriting powerhouse Ashley Gorley, along with Ben Johnson, David Fanning, and lead singer Matt Thomas.

The campaign took flight on Facebook and Instagram, along with the Google display network, using HyperValue’s country radio database to target program directors across the country at commercial, satellite, and collegiate stations.

Over the course of two weeks, the ads reached over 750 program directors with 6,355 ad impressions and 38 click interactions, including likes and shares from PDs in 13 different states. The list of PDs who interacted with the ads was shared with BBR’s radio team for subsequent follow-up.

Ultimately, the song would earn mainstream radioplay at stations across the U.S. and become Parmalee’s third number-one single at country radio.

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