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New Event Venues Off to Hot Start with Support from Trade Program

In the summer of 2019, two local event venues made their debut with support from HyperValue's trade program, with instant impact.

Even for heavily-planned projects, debut time is crunch time. The construction of a theater is a tremendous investment, and support from the community makes a difference in the breakeven point.

HyperValue extended its trade program to two debuting venues in an effort to help them scale during a time of frugal advertising spend.

With careful planning, HyperValue developed a custom advertising proposal for each venue, encompassing the nuances of each venue's local market. The proposals called for the creation of custom digital audiences, consisting of local residents whose online browsing behavior indicated an interest in one of the musical acts coming to the new venue during the opening month.

The campaigns would deliver large digital ads to users as they browsed local websites. Over time, audience segments would be filtered down to the top-performing groups. Advanced conversion tracking was deployed on the theater websites, and within one month, traffic to one of the websites had achieved over 80,000 unique users and 267 ticket purchases.

Rather than using scarce cash budget on the campaign, the production companies supplied sponsor tickets to the event, which were used in online or internal giveaways with staff members. Word spread quickly through staff members, who urged their friends, family members, and co-workers to try out the amazing new theaters.

Word-of-mouth results, direct purchases from ads, and improved cash flow, all led to sell-out performances throughout the first six months of the program.

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