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HyperEDGE™ Official Press Release


HyperValue, LLC For Immediate Release: October 30, 2020

For More Information, Please Contact:

Jake Bawolek | HyperValue, LLC



OCTOBER 30, 2020 – Madison, WI-based HyperValue, LLC formally announced its new digital marketing product today and set the product release date for January 1, 2021.

HyperEDGE™ is an advanced digital marketing model built for independent Nashville musicians to get their music in front of the most influential gatekeepers in the industry.

Spearheaded by digital marketer and music industry entrepreneur Jake Bawolek, with a team of consultants, the model uses proprietary methodologies to create customizable audience segments for activation on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Amongst these audience segments are A&R executives, playlist curators, talent buyers for music venues, country radio influencers, publishers, producers, and other critical music industry gatekeepers.

Conceptually, it gives up-and-coming musicians a rare opportunity to have their music heard by Nashville’s most influential music industry representatives, while adhering to data privacy best practices.

According to Bawolek, the HyperEDGE™ model is the only one of its kind to reach the market.

“The concept is relatively straightforward: determine who you need to reach with your music, and put it in front of them with direct marketing tactics,” Bawolek explained. “Proper execution requires a level of sophistication and dedication to overcome a minefield of obstacles.”

Among those obstacles: data quality. HyperEDGE™ is built on a master file of over 5,000 data records, with every record undergoing a manual, 23-point verification checklist.

“The data is everything; it’s the foundation. Without a strong foundation, your house collapses. We’ve invested a significant amount of time, energy, and money into scrutinizing our data, to build the best foundation the world has ever seen. It will be a game-changer.”

HyperValue was launched in May 2019 to serve music festivals and live entertainment promoters with noncash advertising solutions, and quickly expanded to Nashville to serve independent artists.

Bawolek claimed he did not need to look far to find the inspiration and humility to endure the challenges that came with building the model.

“It’s easy to stay humble when you’re working with musicians, because you know all of your clients are much more talented than you are,” he said. “Seriously, the values that Nashville musicians live out every day – the diligence, perseverance, authenticity, craft, passion – we should all live and work under those same values. We want to help these artists get their music heard. HyperEDGE™ is our way of doing that.”

For More Information:

Jake Bawolek | HyperValue, LLC


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