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The database marketing collection that provides targeted advertising to music's gatekeepers

Advertise to Music Industry Audiences

Radio Program Directors

Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music Playlisters

Social Media Influencers

Talent Buyers

Record Label Executives, A&R

Music Publication Editors



Artist Managers

CMA Members

ACM Members

GMA Members

Recording Academy Voting Members

CCMA Members

Texas CMA Members

AMA Members

Performing Artists

And More

Powered by World-Class Music Industry Data

When it comes to digital marketing, we believe the best data wins. We've invested time and resources in procuring the best audience datasets for HyperEDGE™.


Much of our process for obtaining, validating, enriching, and activating our databases is entirely manual, ensuring utmost accuracy and giving us capabilities that are second to none.

Available On These Leading Advertising Platforms

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Technical Documentation/FAQ's

What is HyperEDGE? HyperEDGE is a data management platform that lets you deliver targeted content to key music industry gatekeepers via online ads. HyperValue holds a proprietary methodology for obtaining, storing, and activating specific audience segments, which gives us the exclusive ability to deliver ads to said audiences.


How exactly does it work? We upload/activate audiences from our database to a number of digital advertising platforms. All audience information is hashed and securely uploaded during this process, and adheres to the privacy restrictions of each platform.


Is HyperEDGE only for country music? No. Many of our pre-built audience segments are country-specific, due to our Nashville roots, but we can build segments for a number of other genres.


Where does the audience data come from? To maintain a competitive advantage, we do not disclose the full details about audience sourcing. However, we do disclose that our audience information is derived from a number of reputable sources and undergoes a strict verification process to ensure data accuracy at 99% confidence level.


For the savvy digital marketers out there, HyperEDGE audience data uses a people-based marketing approach with deterministic matching. No IP Addresses, no cookies, no Device ID’s, and no traditional identity graphs.


Does HyperEDGE violate data laws? No. HyperEDGE is only available in the United States and HyperValue is not a data seller. All audience data is sourced from opt-in criteria with proper privacy notices and disclosures. When activated online, audiences must meet a minimum size requirement and all data is hashed at the point of upload and thereby anonymized for online use.


What are your match rates? Our match rates are among the highest in the industry. In most cases, we see a 100% match rate on Google, Facebook, and other ad platforms.


Are there other audience segments available beyond those listed? Yes! Please reach out to us with your request at We are building and refining audiences every day using the HyperEDGE methodology.

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